Embracing Happiness: My Journey to Joyful Living

As I stood before the audience at Stanford University’s Happiness Hall of Fame, I reflected on my journey – a path marked by both profound challenges and incredible triumphs. My story, which I shared with the audience that day, is a testament to the power of resilience, the pursuit of happiness, and the transformative impact of yoga and service on one’s life.

The Early Struggles and Finding Light

My life began with hardship. At six, my mother succumbed to schizophrenia due to drugs and alcohol, leaving my sisters and me to navigate a series of foster homes. Despite the trauma and brokenness, a light within me, which I attribute to a higher power, remained undimmed.

A pivotal moment in my childhood was when I, along with other children, visited military veterans in a hospital. This experience planted the seeds of philanthropy and the understanding that sharing happiness brings immense joy, not just to others but to oneself as well.

A Life-Changing Accident and the Path to Yoga

At 18, a car accident left me with a damaged spine and scoliosis, leading to chronic pain. This physical trauma, coupled with the dissatisfaction of a successful yet unfulfilling office job, plunged me into depression. It was during this dark phase that I realized the need to align with my true purpose.

In my quest for inner peace, I stumbled upon a yoga teacher training program. Initially skeptical, I found joy in the most unexpected places – from early morning meditations to cleaning toilets as part of karma yoga. Yoga wasn’t just a practice; it became a catalyst for transformation.

The Rise to a Happiness Expert

My journey into yoga led to unexpected opportunities. I started teaching yoga, and soon, my YouTube videos went viral. I wrote a book, “Journey to Joyful,” which established me as a happiness expert. My work even led me to speak at the United Nations for the International Day of Happiness.

However, the journey wasn’t without its sorrows. The tragic loss of my mother in a fire was a profound experience that deepened my understanding of human suffering and the importance of mental well-being.

The Philosophy of Happiness

In my speech, I emphasized that happiness is a choice. It’s about seeing every challenge as an opportunity for growth and understanding that our stories can be reframed into something positive. I shared the importance of gratitude practices, not just as a routine but as a heartfelt exercise.

I also discussed the concept of the flow state – a state of being where one is fully immersed and connected, experiencing a stream of infinite intelligence. Achieving this state is closely linked to maintaining high-vibration states like happiness and gratitude.

The Daily Commitment to Happiness

I believe that happiness is not a constant state but a daily choice. It’s about finding joy in the small things and ensuring that every practice, whether it’s yoga, meditation, or simply enjoying nature, is done with full presence and feeling.

A Message of Love and Gratitude

As I concluded my speech, I left the audience with a message of love and gratitude. My journey, marked by both pain and joy, is a reminder that we all have the capacity for happiness. It’s about making that choice every day, filling our cups first, and then letting that happiness overflow to others.


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