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About Us

Flow State Institute is the world's leading yogic mystery school dedicated to raising the vibration of humanity and healing our planet one heart & mind at a time. Integrating ancient mystical wisdom from Tantric, Vedic & Shamanic teachings with Modern Bio Hacking practices backed by Harvard & Stanford Science, we offer the world's leading education in yoga & flow state consciousness, to help humanity experience extraordinary health, happiness & fulfillment through total absorption with the divine present moment.

Our Global Mission

Our mission is to create 1,000 leaders who each impact 1 million souls per year, collectively impacting 1 billion hearts and souls to catalyze a tidal wave of positive energy to help heal humanity & mother earth creating a massive shift into 5D consciousness & setting a new precedent for conscious sustainable life on earth.

Our Tribe & Trainers

We certify teachers, energy healers and Flow State life coaches with our Yoga Alliance approved training programs (200 and 500 hour levels) both online and live in sacred exotic destinations world wide including Bali, Hawaii & Costa Rica.

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