Duality and Source Explained + Meditation

Disclaimer: This is my unique belief system, and is subject to change from opinions shared to me, I am a student learning about the reality I live in just like all of you. This is what I feel is right.

This article is going to include a meditation, so be sure to read until the end!

Source Consciousness is the single point in which all reality had created itself, and is the core of all universes, multiverses beyond the concepts of time and space. It is the source of which all events in all timelines takes place, it is the past, present, and future. It is the place where matter is, and where matter is not. It is everything, and it is nothing. The concept of “God” is something beyond what our human minds are able to comprehend and understand. It is far greater than this world, and continues onward into infinity, something that our limited minds we are born with just cannot hold.

This is all planned, as in our human experience we are not meant to truly understand it, as we our contracted here to be actors in this limited realm. We do not truly understand the scope of what infinity means, as we live in a finite world. Limited energy, limited reach, limited bodies, limited minds, however not for no reason at all, quite the contrary. Each being on this planet contains a soul, which is an extension of the consciousness of God which has been given a very specific role which makes it an exclusive part of this one specific universe within the infinity of universes: the concept of free will. Thus each soul, acting as the actors of Source, play out events and experiences to their content. All souls voluntarily become part of this world, which is rather small in comparison to infinity, as Carl Sagan puts it well, “The Pale Blue Dot.”

Gods and Goddesses of various religions play a role similar to the palm of a hand. The fingers themselves, would be like what humans are in the physical world. These Gods and Goddesses serve to flow Source Consciousness to individuals who choose so as a medium with their own specific aspects of energy that are unique to them, and it continues onward from there, with these Gods and Goddesses all connecting to their own “arm” that connects them to the core, the “torso” where the Heart resides, that pumps the blood, or “Source Consciousness” through everything that exists.

Since human beings have free will (part of the unique experiment which our world is), they may decide to “disconnect themselves” from the natural Source and become vampiric. This is part of the system of duality, the battles between “Good and Evil”. One cannot truly exist without the other, because what makes something “Good” without “Evil” to give contrast. Thus if the world was “Good”, it would just “be.” So in the world we live in, the world of free will, all beings are allowed the choice to act upon the world in anyway they choose under a very specific set of laws that all must abide to. This is where the concept of Karma comes in.

Karma is connected to one of the 7 Laws of the Universe called: “The Law of Cause and Effect” and is basically the embodiment of “What goes around, comes around.” Its also been called “The Law of Action and Reaction”. When you take an action against somebody else’s free will choice, it is possible due to the free will nature of this world, however this law will cause this action to also bring manifest to an event that will similarly go against your own free will choice.

How the “dark side” goes around this law is through “deceiving” people who have willingly chosen to blind themselves through deception, and are led into separating themselves from the Source by their own free will. The powers of darkness use deception as their main weapon to sustain themselves as they are vampiric in nature, and their main existence is completely dependent on the existence of those with connections to Source Energy. Many parts of the system in which we live have vampiric qualities that we all collectively agree to keep around. The “hundredth monkey effect” is powerful and is one of the main control schemes used on humanity through mass media and propaganda to keep them living lives that make them miserable and unhappy.

By connecting to the Source through your own being, you are able to lead yourself out of “deception” and find your authentic self. Long-term deception has the effect of creating an ego that operates to continue feeding the deception, creating an endless loop trapping someone in a cycle. This is why it takes some people a very long time to find their true identity. Some people die before they can reach the realization, and reincarnate to repeat the process of learning.

A Meditation To Connect To Your Source:

The best way to do this is to sit outside, with your shoes off, barefoot in the Earth. Go into a lotus position, legs folded on top of each other. Imagine roots coming out of your feet and body and into the Earth. Now imagine that you are a plant, maybe a bush. If the sun is out, appreciate the Sun on your skin. Now just sit there.

Slow down your thoughts and notice the world around you. The breeze that flows on your skin, the ground below you, maybe a butterfly flies by. What do all these have in common? They’re all happening at once, all in its unique expression. Close your eyes now, and use your imagination to visualize happenings throughout your area. Someone driving a car, maybe someone having an argument in a house nearby. Expand more, and imagine a square mile radius. Expand more, realize an entire country. Expand more, realize the entire planet. Feel the entire planet and imagine all the happenings that are going on. The world we sit on is a massive theatre of more expressions than your mind can even comprehend. Yet it is just, “The Pale Blue Dot.” Come back to your center now.

“For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.” – Jesus (Luke 17:21)

Now imagine yourself, and who you are. Do not give yourself a name, do not give yourself a value. Look at yourself and your body, as you would look at a butterfly passing gracefully by. No matter what value you put on yourself, you are a unique happening that is connected to a much greater happening all around you. Now ask yourself this question:

Who do I want to be?

This was the same question the started all that is, was or ever will be. When that question is asked, your heart should light up. That feeling in your heart is what connects you to your own Source. Even for the people with the most damaged hearts, they should feel a little tingle. Is there anything that is bothers you that you feel doesn’t allow you to feel it? Be sure that when you ask “Who do I want to be?” its not “a millionaire” or something related to anything material. Because all money is in this world is a means to an end, tied to a belief that it brings you an end goal, which is happiness. If you’re having trouble, use your memories to give you a clue. As a child when your heart was bright and alive, what did it guide you to do? Bring back your childhood fantasies and imagine them fully, as if they really happened. You should feel something, which leads to the next question:

“What do I want to feel?”

Imagine happiness, embody the emotion. Is something preventing this from occurring? Is it pain, or a disease? (this will require deeper work as all disease is a form of deception in some sense). If your body is not sick, what is limiting you? Take a memory of the moment you were most happy. Close your eyes and take that feeling, and imagine you are in that happening right at the present moment. Embody the little boy or girl riding their bike for the first time. Embody that first kiss on a romantic date. You notice that your body responds? Our thoughts are that powerful and you should feel the shift in emotional state happen immediately, and the longer you sit in it, the longer the illusion of any unwanted emotion will fade.

What may happen during a meditation like this is an unpleasant memory may come up, and this is part of your shadow self, which may present you with an obstacle that will bring up an emotion you do not prefer. Imagine this painful moment, and in its place imagine a happy event occurring instead. If it was very painful, such as a death of a beloved, imagine them extremely happy and with you in a spiritual form. Use your imagination to rewrite the story and shift your emotions. In this way you can heal the shadow side, which was hurting you. The death that made you sad through a deceptive thought, that convinced you that because this person’s physical body expired, it left you alone and unloved. Much of what we experience we label as negative as it tends to be a learned behavior (we wear black and have sorrow at funerals.)

Using our hearts and the emotions that we prefer to feel, it can guide us in our imagination to rewrite our own painful pasts and become our own healers that have the power to lead ourselves out of our own story lined with painful deceptions and come into our own unique, expressive truth. This is freedom.

Much love to Dashama <3 who never ceases to inspire me 🙂


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