Seated Lotus Spinal Twist Bind

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Begin seated on the floor with your legs extended, spine straight, and arms resting by your sides begin to bend your right knee and hugging it into your chest, take a hold of your right foot with your left hand and right calf with your right hand; lift leg up and cradle it towards your belly, next, scoop your calf muscle up towards the sky and bring your right ankle to the crease of your left hip, the bottom of your right foot should face the sky. The top of your foot should rest on your hip crease and your knee should anchor down-(if any part of your knee is speaking to you please back off)-sitting up tall gently press right thigh down with right palm-INHALE lift and lengthen spine-EXHALE-begin to twist to the right, place left hand to the outside of your right thigh and wrap your right arm behind our lower back with palm facing outward, continue to roll right shoulder blade back and try to gaze behind you, if you have the space- take right peace fingers and bind them with your right big toe-continue to hold bind-on inhales use to uplift, on exhales to twist from the naval-hold for 5-10 rounds of breath-when you’re ready, release bind and INHALE to rotate back forward-EXHALE and release both arms by hips, plant feet, windshield wiper knees; repeat on other side