Seated Lotus : Meditation Position With Mudras

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Begin seated on the floor with your legs extended, spine straight, and arms resting by your sides begin to bend your right knee and hugging it into your chest, take a hold of your right foot with your left hand and right calf with your right hand; lift leg up and cradle it towards your belly, next, scoop your calf muscle up towards the sky and bring your right ankle to the crease of your left hip, the bottom of your right foot should face the sky. The top of your foot should rest on your hip crease and your knee should anchor down-(if any part of your knee is speaking to you please back off)-next, begin to bend your left knee and cross your left ankle over the top of your right shin, the bottom of your left foot should also face upwards, and the top of your foot and ankle should rest in the crease of your left hip; sitting up tall gently rest hands in lap or on top of legs with palms facing up;
Dhyana Mudra: Dhyana mudras is probably the most used mudra in meditation practices. It is a Buddhist mudra, used widely as a standard meditation mudra, Both hands are placed with palms facing upwards, one over another, in the lap, orf lower abdomen, gently rest thumb points together. This Mudra helps to bring focus and stability, it is traditionally used to help you center. Dhyana mudra also helps to increase self-awareness, and grounding.
Jnana mudra: is most commonly used in yogic traditions. To practice, extend arms and place hands on top of thighs/knees with palms facing up, draw together the tip of the thumb and the index finger with the rest of your fingers relaxing outward and upward. This mudra is also known as the “wisdom mudra” and helps to open up to Divine energy, increase receptiveness, openness, and trigger relaxation. It helps to bring clarity, serenity and wisdom to the energetic body.
Anjali Mudra: or Prayer hands at heart center and fingers pointing upward, is also named the “mudra of prayer” or the “salutation mudra”. This is a salutation of the Divinity that is present in all Creation. Anjali Mudra helps to center you inside of your heart space, and calms a restless mind. It helps to open your heart unconditionally and expand your present moment awareness and connecting you to your soul.