Gomukhasana Eagle Arms Fwd Bend Front View

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Come onto hands and knees (table top), cross your left thigh behind your right, then draw your sitz bones back to your heals-your right knee should be stacked on top of left (you can also sit on a block, blanket or bolster to release pressure from joints)-INHALE and reach your arms over your head-EXHALE and cross your right arm underneath the left, first bringing the backs of the hands to touch, then wrapping the left palm around to tough the right-lift elbows in line with shoulders and slightly draw the arms forward; this will give a little internal shoulder rotation and stretch the deltoids-INHALE lift elbows up-EXHALE begin to hinge at the waist and fold forward; elbows come in front of knees, release head down-work your way to hold for 2 minutes or more-INHALE to rise. Repeat on other side.