Goddess Toe Stance Fire Kriya

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Step to the center of your mat and turn to one side. Place hands to hips and heel toe feet just a little wider than hip width distance apart, draw your toes in and heels out slightly-EXHALE-arms out to a “T” with palms facing down, continue to uplift through the crown of your head, draw heels in towards one another and toes out, INHALE and lift high up onto your tippy toes-EXHALE and bend your knees lowering your hips in line with your knees about a 90˚ angle-INHALE and reach your arms overhead clasping hands and steepling index fingers for Fire Mudra-work yourself up to holding this for 5 minutes or even more. You can also do little pulses up and down with the legs or lower heels when necessary. To release-lower heels and release hands back to hips-INHALE straighten legs and parallel your feet, eel toe feet back together, quarter turn to face back forward.