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    Posted by Ariel on February 15, 2024 at 9:18 am

    Reading this book taught me the importance and benefits of radiating joy, passion , light, positivity and enthusiasm for my life and during my work as a Yoga Teacher. This book demonstrates that yoga can transform one’s life and bring balance, success and peace no matter what happened in a person’s history. Yoga provides a myriad of ways to overcome challenges and open one’s body, heart, mind and ultimately life to peace and Joy. I learned of the importance of truely living and embodying the teaching I wish to share with my students as a teacher. I learned that everything is connected whether that is in regards to my own body and mind connection, or my connection to other people and their emotions and energy as well as our connection as humans to nature. Our connection to nature is so essential to our connection to bliss and this book encouraged me to deepen my connection to nature. I read and reread the section on Pranayama Breathing Exercises many times and use it to address various aspects of my own energy balancing and will share this with students. I love the section on the monkey mind which highlights the need to control our ego and remain present in order to remain blissful. Encouraging my students to journal as a means of achieving what they want was another takeaway from this book.

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