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  • Day One – Abundance, Miracles & Gratitude Challenge!

    Posted by Laurie on December 11, 2022 at 7:43 pm

    Welcome to Abundance, Miracles, and Gratitude Challenge- Day One! (For Monday, 12/12/22)

    First things first! Get yourself organized! Please, Watch the Video for Affiliates, posted below this discussion, (if you can’t find this tag me and let me know!) then go to the Affiliate area and find your link and discount code. If you want a special tag for your code, just send Nathan a message. When you got that figured out, post here DONE!

    It’s time to Journal. What are your intentions? How much money do you want to manifest? Maybe you don’t need the money, what “good “can you do with some extra cash in your pocket? I don’t like to think of it as sales, I’m sure everyone knows someone who is dreaming of a Retreat or being a Yoga Teacher, Meditation, healer, and/or coach!

    Journal Prompts:

    What is your WHY? Get clear and try to attach an emotion you will feel when the money hits your Bank Account!

    What do you want to give?

    Write out how grateful you are that x is already yours. You can let it go and surrender to knowing whatever it is, is already on the way.

    I suggest personal testimony, but I have some scrips available if you need a example of a social media post.

    What to post to social media – Let’s start off with GRATITUDE tag #flowstate #abundancechallenge1212 and post your social media so we can support you.

    What are you grateful for? Talk about it in a social media post invite people to this community and let them know where to find your affiliate links.

    Questions? Ask away!

    Some Tips make your Affiliate link easy to find. I use linktree and its free and right now I have the Yoga Retreat as am affiliate link posted first. I can also add the link to a story! Get CREATIVE and have fun!

    I will be posting these the night before (to me… depending on where is the world you are) with a few of my favorite Videos from Dashama to get you inspired!

    Bali Travel Tips -

    Miracle Morning –

    (My Favorite) 22 Min Chakra -Kriyas

    Post in the comments let me know how it’s going and how I can support you!

    Blessings ~ Laurie

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