30 Day Yoga Challenge

Dashama · May 7, 2021

This system is designed to help you create positive health habits that will dramatically improve the quality of your life on all levels. Whatever you may be dealing with can be healed, transformed and you can break through to the next level.

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Dashama is an author, speaker, teacher and creative entrepreneur in the field of mind /body medicine. Founder of FlowState Yoga Institute, speaker at the United Nations and producer of 32 yoga DVDs distributed internationally, she reaches millions of people with her timely message of hope, healing and inspiration for creating your best life now. She has a college degree in Intercultural Communication and International Business and has trained extensively for 18 years with the top masters and experts in the fields of personal development, success, business, internet marketing, PR and social media as well as yoga, healing, health, ayurveda, meditation, nutrition, hypnosis and breath work. She is committed to empowering and educating holistic health professionals to help them reach over a million people per year with their own unique message and mission through the Yoga MBA, her system of business mastery apprenticeship.

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