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Tabitha Bullard – Essay Entry

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Yoga & meditation saved my life. Not just in a metaphorical sense, they saved my actual life, in the sense that I’m alive & capable & living a life full of joy today.

The seed was planted long ago..when I was just a girl, I discovered yoga & the sense of peace it could bring. Life got in the way for awhile, & after a very difficult divorce & miscarriage I fell into the trap of addiction. I was trapped in the cycle of trying, failing, trying & failing again. I felt broken, alone, & hopeless, but through the power of an epiphany sent from God, and through yoga and meditation, I began to create a life i loved, that I was proud of.

It’s indescribable how different my life is today from back then, & even more than that, how different my heart & my soul are. I finally have found myself & my path. I have hope, a love for life, a passion for growth & a quest for change. A mission to show anyone struggling through addiction or mental health, that there is a way to a better life.

With this scholarship, I will create online content for those struggling with problems like I have faced. I’ve already begun to write meditations to film in Costa Rica.

I will create a comprehensive 10-30 day treatment program for addiction/mental health in my area with holistic treatments, specialized yoga & meditation, breathwork, life coaching & classes, chakra & many other healing modalities to begin their journey to a full mind, body & spirit transformation.

I also want to teach meditation & yoga at my children’s schools & eventually create a Training to train teachers to teach children’s yoga. I can see in my children how much sitting still & breathing or doing yoga in the mornings, makes a difference in their attitude throughout the whole day.

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