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Sarah Godfrey – Essay Entry

Why you should win?

To be honest I am still in the process of healing and transformation, and yoga is helping with this process.

It has been a year since I’ve lost my father and my grandfather. Ive gone through low self esteem and mental health issues throughout my life. I have a low paying job that doesn’t give me financial freedom. But I am coming farther than I’ve ever had in my life and yoga plays a huge part in my journey. Yoga has helped me take a pause with the emotional rollercoaster that has happened in my life and allowed me to be present during turbulent times by keeping me grounded as well as being an essential tool to my spiritual journey.

It has helped me with my mental health as well as my spiritual health which were in dire need of help. Now I want something more with my life. For a long time I’ve been afraid to take risks and that’s why I’m entering the scholarship competition. I’ve always wanted to do teacher training but I’ve always lacked the finances to do so.

I want to finally step out to experience the freedom, peace, and abundance that yoga makes me feel when I get on the mat. I feel that with the teacher training it would help me build the confidence to teach and live my life, as well as learning more about myself in the process. I also want to connect to a community that I never truly had growing up.

I don’t know what the exact route to take with it but I want to help others through their emotional pain and suffering by incorporating my journey of healing with the yoga practice. I feel the call to be a light in an uncertain world and bring hope to others despite what I went through. That’s what I plan on doing after my yoga teacher training.

Thank you for the opportunity to apply for the scholarship.

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