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Raven Hanna – Essay Entry

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My yoga journey began twelve years ago as a form of exercise. I always did hardcore flow yoga and this was when I was younger and has less problems.

As I went through life and it’s challenges, I began experiencing sever anxiety and night terrors. I was on medications and hated it. I got off meds and turned onto meditation and was finally able to get sleep. I felt that I had a crutch but not that I was healed.

Fast forward 8 years, multiple counselors, and countless videos and books on yoga, meditation, and mindfulness I was finally beginning to feel like myself. Not like i found my old self, but like I found my new self. I realized that yoga IS a form of meditation for me and I dove in a bit more.

Until I came across Dashama 30 day yoga challenge. I was thrust into the wide world of yoga and all it many different facets. I would tell my husband all the time how much I loved her positive attitude and feeling of oneness. I was truly blessed when he heard the wishes I hadn’t even said out loud, and he paid for my online training for me!

My plan is to make a yoga practice that is accessible to everyone no matter where they are starting from, and bringing it into the lives of children! My son has been watching me do yoga since he was a baby and he completely loves it (in short bursts, he’s 4!) I would love to teach parents how to bring their yoga practice home to include their children.

There is so much healing and love in yoga, I just want to help as many people as possible see that!

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