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    Posted by hailzbrou on April 6, 2024 at 10:05 am

    Special Case Seated Forward Fold

    Someone who experiences sciatica or tight glutes and hips or sore/injured back can modify forward fold by keeping their knees bent in forward fold focusing on hinging from the hips but they can use blocks or bolsters to support their head, resting and keeping from falling too far forward without strain or causing harm while keeping the spine straight instead of over rounding. Another option is to lotus one leg, foot tucking into opposite hip and folding over the leg and then when time is up moving to the other side holding in a yin position for 3-5 mins.

    If painful ease out of it slightly and readjust as needed.

    As a teacher I could provide support by massaging the lower back and helping by applying gentle pressure to the low back to stretch and go deeper if consented to.

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