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  • HW: Shoulders

    Posted by Tabitha Bullard on August 31, 2021 at 12:37 am

    Day 5

    HW: Shoulders

    Cow Face Pose with Eagle Arms

    (Gomukhasana with Garudasana)

    This is a variation that combines two different poses into one. Cow Face Pose is a great hip stretch, while Eagle Arms is a wonderful shoulder stretch.

    Begin seated and cross your right leg over your left, stacking your thighs one on top of the other and feet pointed out to each side. You may modify this pose if you have trouble getting into it with a block or a cushion under the hips. To add Eagle Arms, cross your right arm under your left and twist until your palms touch, lifting your arms. Take a few breaths, centering yourself. Then release your arms, spread them wide, hugging the world, and then finish with prayer at the heart.

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