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    Hello Beautiful Souls!

    My name is Laurie, I live in the Tri-Cities area, in South Central, Washington, State. I am a mother to two beautiful souls, a son and daughter, ages 23 & 24 and grandmother to one (so far) amazing 3 and 1/2 year old granddaughter. I have been married for 26 years!

    I’ve been on my Yoga Journey since “around” 2015. With dreams of it, long before then! Once this training is completed, I will have over 600 hours of Yoga Teacher training and I have no plans to ever stop my own learning. I am committed to raising my own Vibration, and healing; through the path of yoga, breathwork, and meditation practice.

    So, this thing called, “2020” happened. With all the Yoga Studio closures, I jumped in the whole 200 hour training after doing a workshop for continuing ED. I was like, “sign me up for more of this amazing goodness!!” During March 2020, I moved my Daughter and Granddaughter to Arizona, this is still hard! Lucky for me, plane tickets are cheap and it’s a straight flight from where I live. Eventually, I may be a dual state resident and there is a Amazing Yoga Studio in my near future. Or possibly two. Here in washington and Arizona! I have lived in this area for two years and I have not found a yoga home, so my dream is to build it. My old residence, is a hour and a half away.

    I also, live by the water and have a passion for SUP Paddleboard yoga! I am going to start very soon doing a donation based yoga at the Park and found one studio to rent by the hour that is close to me. I had a few girls coming to my home for free yoga practice, while I am still refining my teaching style. In the end it wasn’t working out, to have them at my house i didn’t want to get in trouble because I have nosy neighbors and I live in a State where the Covid rules are very strict. In fact they are threatening to take my city back to Phase one. Which, would be devastating to business that have already been struggling for a whole year! IF they made it out ok. Several Yoga Business did not make it and that is truly sad. I tried Zoom and it’s really not for me, I feel like I teach better in person.

    Right now, there is a severe Mental Health Crisis that is taking a back burner to Covid. I’ve lost people I love, to loneliness and isolation. So, I want to be of service and I am ready to spread the love and light and heal this world, which starts with healing my own.

    It’s been divine timing for me, to be going through this Training! The connections I have made,” light up my world!” I am so GRATeFUL to be a part of this Tribe and cOMmUNITY!

    Sending Love and Light, Namaste – Sat Nam


    P.S. Let’s connect- I love to support others as well @levelblissyoga and @lauriev767 on Instagram XOXO Love to ALL <3

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