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    Hi everyone,
    Katie here, or Kate to my nearest and dearest. I’m 41 in body, (the mental age could be much higher or much lower depending on the day) , and from the South East of England. I moved to Athens in Greece a couple of years ago, since meeting my other half – on a yoga retreat no less – and find myself an instant step-mum to a fantastic daughter, and have considerably less income and quality of life – but I’m trying to adjust and roll with that, trusting the divine plan!
    I’ve been on quite a steep journey, and faced some real challenges from early on, medically, emotionally, and more, but I’ve learned to take everything as a lesson and now, my life has flipped on its head once again and I’m a facing a brand new set of challenges.
    For the last 11 years I’ve been a choir director and vocal coach – nothing at all to do with my previous university studies of course, (early art, history, & iconography, during which i was subject to a multitude of images depicting spiritual and religious figures holding mudras…🤔) – but that career has disappeared with the pandemic and relocation. Yoga has always been a physical and emotional prop, and I’m aware I’ve only scratched the surface regarding the extent of how transformative it truly is. It’s not just a love and an interest for me, It is necessary, and I’m ready to go all-in.
    Introduced by my mother in my teens, I’ve had some inspiring teachers, I’ve been teaching already, and I’m very excited now to, I hope, successfully complete my 500 hours with Dashama , the Flow State Team, and all of you. It’s come at the right time. I think I’ve been gently coerced in this direction for longer than I’m aware, and I have a feeling that now is the time all my wide ranging studies, which also include kinesiology and some energy work and martial arts, are going to combine and take shape: At least, that is my hope.
    I’m a passionate student and love learning. My overall goal at the moment is that with guidance, I can offer something that can really support and help to heal others, whilst at the same time create a life of abundance, joy and inner peace for my family and for myself. I’d also like enough cash flow to significantly contribute to animal and environmental conservation eventually, but let’s get started first…
    I look forward to sharing this journey with you all and thank you for reading.
    Namaste 🙏🏻💛Kate xx

    Pic: the other klove of my life… One fur baby…

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  • Dashama

    September 29, 2022 at 9:24 pm

    Welcome to the tribe goddess!! Blessings to your great success 💖🙏

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