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    Carenda Hadaller from Courtenay, British Columbia (BC), Canada. I started the YTT back in June 2020 but then moved to BC in Aug 2020. As I was getting moved the training program changed to a new learning platform (which looks amazing btw) so I made this original intro post on FB back in October 2020. Shortly after I posted, I slowly began to stop my YTT because I was working a full-time job that required additional training and I just couldn’t keep up with both. I am more settled into our new home (RV) and cut back on my job hours so I could get back into alignment with my heart’s desire to do YTT. So I am ready to dive back in and complete this training!

    I was born and raised with my three younger sisters in Southern Cali. We were raised as good Christian girls where I strived to please God and my parents. I struggled with anxiety and self-doubt once I entered my teens, then to add to the struggle I was sexually harassed and molested by a friend’s older brother. The protective strategy was to disown the part of me that felt pain and shame, soooo lots of denial and disconnection from my emotions and body. I was blind to my false view of self as never being enough. I tended to pursue healing through my mind powers in educational programs (but I also like to learn new things). While in my theology program I met a yoga teacher who brought a big shift in my life and perspective through her classes (2011). My entire relationship with myself, my sexuality/feminine energy, and body began to change as I learned to be present in my body, value the divine feminine, and tune in and trust my intuition instead of getting lost in the rabbit hole of my mind.

    I kept practising some yoga on my own with the Daily Yoga app (way back when) along with meditation practises around 3 years as I continued my journey. Then in 2014 while in my master’s in marital and family therapy (MFT) program in San Diego, I met my Canadian husband, David, who is also an MFT. He radically changed my life and some of the places where I had some healing had an opportunity to heal more deeply through our relationship. We graduated and got married in 2016 and embarked on an RV honeymoon/decide-where-to-live adventure through the US and Canada. We decided on Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. While we lived there we made many changes to our health. After much research, we went on a whole-food plant-based diet and I found a yoga community where I attended regular yoga classes… and just loved it. My husband’s kidneys continued to decline (due to a preexisting condition called Polycystic Kidney Disease). We moved to his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba, to be near family and have a support system (2018). His kidneys started having unusual complications, which are rare for his disease, and he nearly died. He had to have both kidneys removed putting him on full-time dialysis, it’s brutal on the body even though it keeps people alive. His uncle ended up being a very good match and donated his kidney. David had a transplant (May 2019) and is even more about living his life to the fullest because of a precious gift for a better life. There were a lot of emotional ups and downs but we committed to asking for help from others when we needed it and practising self-care, which for me was solidifying a regular yoga practice (and hot mineral salt bathes).

    I recently (Feb 2020) started pursuing a deeper understanding of yoga beyond the physical asanas to its philosophy and spirituality. Covid happened and I found I had even more time to pursue my longing. In my pursuit I came across Ayurveda and started reading and practising it, then suddenly the Daily Yoga launched the Ayurveda Class with Dashama. I was super excited and eagerly watched each class. I started looking into yoga teacher training and literally within a week, the Daily Yoga announced it would launch a YTT program… so I looked over the Pranashama website and knew this was my tribe. I signed up as soon as it was available.

    Since (Aug 2020), my husband and I are full-time RVers out of a desire to connect with nature and the elements while living minimally (which allows us to work less, pursue the things we enjoy, and live more fully).

    Now, (March 2022) having moved and gotten settled in British Columbia I am starting to get back on track after the loss of my grandpa and the hospitalization of my mom due to covid.

    Currently, I use the wisdom I’ve learned from my educational programs as well as my own experiences to guide, mentor, and counsel others to wholeness through my online private practice called Whole Heart Centre. Yoga is a big part of my own healing journey (and kept me sane) so my reason for joining this program is threefold: (1) to deepen my own personal understanding and practise of heart-centred living through yoga; (2) to integrate the yoga healing practises into my services with clients for their own wholehearted living; and (3) I want to teach yoga classes and workshops through a local yoga studio and online.

    My dream is to create or be a part of a wholeness/wellness centre with a team that uses a variety of alternative and some traditional healing/growth modalities to guide each client into the wholeness/wellness that’s available to them.

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  • Laurie

    March 2, 2022 at 12:58 pm

    Yay So Hapoy Your Back!

  • Sukhi 💓

    March 3, 2022 at 6:10 pm

    Wow Carenda you’ve been on quite the journey! I honor you for your strength, and for your positive attitude. We welcome you back to the tribe, and look forward to connecting with you more.