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    Aloha Abundance Tribe!

    I’m gonna start the WAVE of abundance! I feel like this is such a good money making opportunity for all of us, especially with the generous commission. I’m working on my affiliate stuff for here and some other things that will generate extra $$$!!! I love my tribe so much and I just can’t wait to watch it grow!

    I’ll share what I am working on: and I will share again, when I am posting stuff and encourage you to do the same. We can show up to give the posts, blogs, instagram or facebook posts LOVE to our amazing tribe so we can ALL have lots of ABUNDANCE!!!!

    I’m starting with NEXT week of daily posting ALL over my social media and really begin the Blog portion of my website by posting everyday! It’s a WIN WIN! Also, going to post a Newsletter everyday! I am just starting my Newsletter list and have like one person ha ha !!! So, get that going.

    (The challenge part, I am warming up my social media this week and will be playing around with my affiliate links to see what works best for all my audiences.) I do have some extra graphics if anyone needs them to use with your affiliate link not formatted to affiliate, but in some cases that works best. I use Canva and my affiliate links.

    (For Tribe members that aren’t in the Teacher Training or going to Bali I suggest a good way to promote is just to tell what the Flowstate means to you or if your wanting to join us in Bali that is a easy thing to write or do videos about 🙂

    I picked Themes for each day.

    Sacred Sunday’s Soul and Self Care Sunday & what yoga means to me, Mindfulness Monday – what is yoga?, Transformation Tuesday! (In MIND & Body), What I love Wednesday, THANKFUL for my Tribe Thursdays, FLOW Fridays ;), Serenity Saturday – Breathwork and Meditation focus.

    I am getting all the details and photos ready for next week so I make it easy on myself. I am also, affiliating the TLC and FLOW 22 days challenge. These are small price points, but it will add up, but could easily make someone want to join in the teacher training and/or come to Bali! I’m going to encourage my friends and followers to join me in these challenges and do them with! The 22 Days FLOW LOVE & Abundance challenge. for that you need to affiliate link https://www.dashama.org/abundance and for the TLC Total Life Cleanse, you need to link, https://www.dashama.org/cleanse. etc for any programs! I hope that makes sense! If anyone has questions I’m your cheerleader *\ /* reach out!

    Another suggestion is to get your affiliate discount code personalized!


    Blessings, Love and Light ~Laurie

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