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  • Hw: Standing Balance.

    Posted by Jaimie on November 14, 2022 at 6:09 pm

    🌱💚🤍my choice is Tadasana. Mountain pose. ⛰️
    Feet together or hip distance apart. Inhale breathe down into your roots, exhale, feel your feet earthing naturally to our planet, spread your toes. From your ground foundation inhale feel those roots immerse into your bones from pada bandha foot bandha upwards towards the crown of your head.Lift your arches, lift your kneecaps slightly this engages the quadriceps, breathe up inhale through your core engage here, lift your heart slightly, allow shoulders to nestle in. Your shoulder blades, your wings tucked away, chin is slighlty more relaxed down to your heartspace. Palms by your sides shining open or anjali mudra. Breathe life into the great Oak you are. The mountain the Everest you are. The soil you are. The sea you are. Imagine you are standing as waves break at your feet by the ocean, you are earthed into the sand. The wind blows you beautifully & here you are. The tallest mountain. Reaching the sky. Heaven on earth channeling throughout your being. For you. With you. Blessing you. To be a mountain is a dream.

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