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What Is the Legacy We are Leaving for Our Children?



Stanford Happiness Hall of Famer, United Nations Keynote speaker, & award winning author featured in WSJ, VOGUE, COSMO, Discovery Channel, ABC News, working in collaboration with Harvard Dr Sat Bir Khalsa. Speaking about Children are the Future and solutions to solve the mental health crisis for children & school teachers in America and world wide, 10 million fans across SM (@curejoyinc @Dashama )

Sadhguru (TBC)

Enlightened yoga master, NY Times best selling author, founder of Isha Foundation. Speaking about the importance of soil regeneration to heal the climate crisis (STREAMING in from his London to Delhi tour) 10+ million fans online + millions of devoted volunteers worldwide.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (TBC)

Founder of the Art of Living Institute, renowned spiritual leader and multi-faceted humanitarian whose mission of uniting the world into a violence-free family has inspired millions of people worldwide. He will be streaming in to share his message of changing the world with love.

Sri master Akarshana

Founder of I Am Creator and Super Creators NFT, impacting millions of souls on youtube and across the globe with his wisdom & daily messages of abundance and love.


Grammy nominated billboard top artist, @maejor has produced award winning music with Justin Bieber & Martin Garrix etc. Cancer survivor raising consciousness with sound healing in mainstream music. 3 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Chelsea Kauai (Yamese) (TBC)

Passionate about environmental restoration, acroyoga and eco travel, Cheleas Kauai travels the world inspiring millions to live their best life. @chelseakauai 1.2 million fans on SM

Hal Elrod

Best selling author, speaker & philanthropist. Overcoming adversity with the power of his mind has been a theme for this powerful soul who has overcome death & beaten cancer and is now on a mission to raise consciousness on the planet, one morning at a time. Author of the miracle morning book series & movie as well as the book Taking Life Head On.

Dr Sat Bir Khalsa

Harvard research doctor with over 20 years of research background showing how yoga & meditation heals the brain, establishes neurogenesis to heal ptsd, insomnia & other common ailments.

Heather Hoffman

(Activation vibration ) : sound healer, specializing in light language to awaken consciousness. musical artist, with millions of loyal listeners on Spotify, instagram & youtube.

Michael Capponi

Global Empowerment Mission, Founder of InList App & alleviating the natural disaster crisis with $50+ million annually in aid for families affected by the ongoing natural disasters caused by climate crisis.

Master Glenn Mendoza (TBC)

Master Glenn Mendoza is the President of The Center for Pranic Healing, a Master Pranic Healer, one of the senior disciples of GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui. He is also one of the top doctors in the U.S., Director of Neonatology.

Aaron Doughty

Creator of The Shift Experience, speaker, creator and teacher, Aaron is a master of law of attraction and manifesting your dream life. 2 million fans online

Join us for a transformational & joyous weekend in paradise! Flow State Festival Miami Beach June 17-19th, 2022

Learn from world renowned speakers, luminaries & experts how to live in the flow state to manifest miracles in your life and healing for the world!

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