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And Join Our Global Tribe of Change Makers Committed to Raising the Vibration of Humanity!

With Flow State Yoga, You Heal Yourself & Others While Creating Life Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

At Flow State Yoga Institute we give you the tools to live Yoga, not just as the exercise, but as a lifestyle and path of healing, transformation and conscious human evolution…

WITH Flow State Yoga, you get the most immersive, interactive & transformative online yoga teacher training experience.

Hi, I’m Dashama,
Founder of Flow State Yoga Institute.

There was a time when I was completely depressed, lost and felt no purpose to my life. I was guided to a yoga teacher training in 2005 that completely awakened my heart & brought me back to my soul. For the first time I felt complete inner peace, my broken heart was healing & I felt the purpose-driven inspiration to share this incredible energy medicine with as many people as I could.

I launched the first online yoga challenge on youtube in 2008 which impacted millions of people. So many people contacted me who were in need of healing, I felt inspired to share this powerful path and healing with as many people as I could. I soon realized I could not do this alone, so in 2011 I founded Flow State Yoga Institute to meet the massive demand for this powerful healing path.

Over the years, I’ve been featured in Vogue, Cosmo, Sunday Times UK, WSJ, ABC, NBC, CBS, Discovery Channel, OWN. 

I’ve had the chance to work with amazing athletes and celebrities like Sugar Shane Mosley, Jack Canfield, Sadhguru, and Jillian Michaels. I was inducted into the Stanford Happiness Hall of Fame, and had the privilege to speak at the United Nations for International Day of Happiness and at the Flow Summit alongside the Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Sadhguru, and Deepak Chopra at the Flow Summit. 

The receptivity for these teachings has shown me that humanity needs this now more than ever. We need a massive army of healers, light workers, coaches and teachers to help us spread this incredible energy medicine to the world. If you feel called to be a light in this world, you are in the right place…

Join Our Global Tribe of Yoga Teachers & Energy Healers Committed to Raising the Vibration of Humanity

I’m proud to say since 2011 we’ve certified hundreds of teachers and over 690,000 have graduated from my online courses – while at first it was challenging, our virtual setting has now set a new standard in the industry of online learning & education.

The virtual setting is perfect if you desire a flexible, personal, comfortable space to heal and learn to heal others…

You’ll feel the embrace and support of a community of like-minded people…

And we’ve put extreme care into giving you an intimate experience.

Backed by Harvard Medical Research, you will learn how to access the flow state & how to help others find their flow as well!

I’ve worked closely with Harvard medical research doctor Dr. Sat Bir Khalsa to prove our unique system of healing helps people get into flow state, improving:

So if you, like me, believe the sequencing, anatomy, and breath is just as important as our energy, vibrations, and alignment, then you’ll discover the powerful possibilities of combining them all for a total transformation. This unique system of healing also allows Flow State Yoga graduates to stand out in a crowded industry…giving you an edge for business success.

All of that said, here are the three steps you’ll use to heal yourself & others mind, body & remember the truth of the divine perfection of your infinite eternal soul:

Self. Love. & Yoga

Self-love begins with self-care. And in this training you will learn about the most impactful methods to heal from within, and show yourself the ultimate self-love, such as: 

Yoga, meditation, ayurveda, flow, breath, EFT, visualization, ceremony, self-massage, thai massage healing, qi gong, chakras, mantras, kundalini, tantra, and more.

Flow. Love. & Oneness

Yoga means union, to unite with the supreme source of creation.

We will give you the tools to connect with the higher source that guides you through life, and give you the ability to tune into this higher source – so your life naturally flows towards the direction it’s meant to go. 

Total life cleanse

To access your highest potential, it’s essential to cleanse body, mind & emotions.

Clear the clutter, release toxins, let go of what is not serving you to reveal the truth of who you are, which is pure love consciousness. A full cleanse program is included when you enroll in YTT.

Plus…We’re the Only Online YTT that Includes a Proven Blueprint to Help you Create Your Successful Yoga Business.


And It’s The Path For You If:

You want a YTT that not only helps you become a yogi, but also helps you bring forth new intentions, visions, and sense of purpose.

You know you can achieve the life of your dreams, and would appreciate a clear-cut path that takes you there.

You want to learn about the anatomy, the logic of sequences, and power of the breath… but also how to heal in a complete, holistic manner to reach a state of flow you can carry throughout the day.

You want to learn from experienced teachers who can clearly communicate, answer your questions, and bring out your unique voice

You want to run a simple and FUN yoga business that feels fulfilling every day.


Alisha Smith

"Dashama's teaching skills are like nothing else, and her support and knowledge helped my business to blossom to way beyond what I once thought was possible. Since taking the MBA It has opened doors to magazine shoots, interviews, and collaborations but best of all is that I get to do what I love by traveling and teaching around the world. I've lead retreats, created online courses and even launched my youtube channel!"

Ingrid Noella

"Coming from Peru, I had only practiced Kundalini yoga but when I was introduced to Dashama's fusion style I was hooked. I first took the sup yoga YTT, then 3 other YTTs in Hawaii. Now I am teaching so many classes & loving my life and this amazing path! My next goal is to make yoga videos in Spanish for my country & will be doing the MBA to learn how to take my yoga business to the next level. I'm so grateful for Dashama!"

Jasmine Margreno

I came to Dashama's advanced YTT to expand my personal & professional capacity as a yoga teacher. After graduation, I felt completely emancipated from the old limitations I had been living & teaching with. With Dashama's MBA mentorship I produced & lead my first retreat & it sold out very quickly. So I lead another one in Bali & that one sold out too. I have also opened my own yoga studio. I'm so grateful my dreams are all coming true!

Elizaveta Sullivan

"I always knew one of my weaknesses was the food! So the SLAY & TLC course was quite a challenge at first, but surprisingly quite easy to do for me. We stayed on no hard food, smoothie only diet for 7 days. Some of the results I saw - Really defined abs - Clear skin - Feeling of lightness all over my body - Psychic abilities amplified. We decided to do this every season (every 3 months) & still incorporate smoothies & juices as meal replacements on a day to day basis."

Shannon Ritter

"I'm so grateful to have discovered Dashama's detox diet and yoga lifestyle programs and lost 40 pounds in just a few months. My body completely transformed, but it was my inner experience that changed in the most important way from the yoga & meditation. Now I got my entire family on the program (even my kids who always hated to eat healthy before this! 🙂 & I became a yoga teacher with my own yoga studio spreading this amazing gift with others. Thank you Dashama!"

Your YTT Includes...

100 Hours of Online YTT Workshops Previously Recorded at our Live Retreats (learn at your pace)

100 Hours of LIVE YTT Workshops (3 hrs/wk)

Flow State: Optimal state of consciousness; extraordinary health, happiness & total absorption in the present moment

Flow State Yoga is an open system of holistic healing & wellness designed to transform mind, body & soul to elevate your life to achieve your divine unique purpose & potential

You will learn to become a powerful energy healer to heal yourself and others...

As well as the fundamentals of vinyasa flow yoga, fusion yoga with kundalini, mantras, kriyas, pranayama breathwork, meditations, cleansing, mindfulness, healing, trauma release, verbal cuing, choreography of flow, music, hands on adjustments, and much more.

Your success is my mission!
That’s why I’m including these bonuses that make your journey towards your dream life a reality!

You Will Learn to Teach Tantra, Vinyasa & Kundalini Yoga

Upcoming dates: YTT300 January 1-30, 2021 in Bali ; YTT200 Online: Open Enrollment

Online YTT200 Certification

In our unique online yoga teacher training, you will earn 100 hours online with videos, audios & ebooks filmed at our live YTT, + 100 hours in live weekly online 3 hour workshops (on zoom).

You will learn the fundamentals of vinyasa flow yoga, fusion yoga with kundalini, mantras, kriyas, pranayama breathwork, meditations, healing, cleansing, mindfulness, healing, trauma release, verbal cuing, choreography of flow, music, hands on adjustments + much more.

We offer open enrollment throughout the year & hands on coaching, mentoring & support to ensure you graduate & succeed to become a great yoga teacher & energy healer. Apply Today.

Hybrid YTT200 Bali + Online

Transform your life and deepen your practice & your yoga path in Bali, the Island of the Gods. Join us for the live 10 Day YTT Retreat & earn up to 300 hours, when combined with the 200 hour online YTT. You can also apply these 300 hours toward your advanced RYT500 which will qualify you to eventually assist & co-lead yoga teacher trainings in the future. This is a deep & powerful life changing journey of self love, self discovery & connection with your true purpose of life. Includes 100 hours of advanced training, healing & transformational workshop in Bali + 200 hours online YTT. Balli dates January 2021. Apply today. Space is Limited. Your Destiny is Calling.

YTT 300/500 Advanced Training

In order to be a great teacher, you must be a great student of life. Beginners mind. Be like water. Being an advanced Prana Shaman or Flow State Coach is more about your presence, reach & impact than the physical aspect. In our advanced YTT you will not only learn how to become a great teacher, but also how to take your message & spread it to millions through the this powerful & unique Advanced YTT300 includes the YTT200 online course + Master Business Academy program as well as 30 day live training retreat in Bali January 2021, to deepen, enrich & broaden your yoga teaching skills, practice & path. Apply Today. Space is Limited. Your Destiny is Calling.


MBA: Master Business Academy ($2,997 Value)

You’ll discover how to organize everything so your business doesn’t suck up your time and energy, but is instead built around your ideal lifestyle.

And I have exclusive modules that help you build a brand that represents YOU and that attracts the type of people you enjoy working with.

Master Business Academy leaves no stone unturned to create a business that revolves around your life and not the other way around – once everything is set up, it runs by itself so you can dedicate your time and energy towards healing yourself and others.

The Masters series


Co-founder Ekam Oneness Temple & World Peace Festival​

Workshops: Manifest Abundance, Manifest Soulmate, Oneness/Flow State Meditation

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Founder Art of Living Institute​

Find Your Flow & Thrive


Founder Isha Yoga Institute.

How to Get Out of Your Own Way & How to Solve the Climate Crisis & Heal the World

Jack Canfield

Star of the Movie - The Secret; Int’l best selling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

Workshop: Living in Flow & Mastering the Law of Attraction

Sri Master Akarshana

Founder I Am Creator & Wealth Yogis.

Workshop: Manifest Abundance Meditation

Dr Sat Bir Khalsa

Harvard Medical Researcher.

Workshop: Neuroscience Backing Meditation & Yoga for Mental Health & Healing

Sahara Rose

Best Selling Author, Ayurveda Expert.

Workshop: How to Discover Your Dharma & Live Your Divine Purpose

Dr Aparna

Ayurvedic Doctor.

Introduction to the ancient Science of Life

Hal Elrod

Best Selling Author The Miracle Morning book series.

Workshop: How to Create an Extraordinary Life of Success

Here's a list of modules that are included

Ready to Become the Successful, Confident Teacher & Healer You Know You Can Be?

Book a Free Consultation and Get a Free Bonus Gift!

to start making your dreams a reality!

Apply Now and Claim Your Free Bonus! (Value $197)

Claim one of my most popular courses just for getting on a FREE call!


In this course I reveal one of my secrets to my health, happiness, and success these past years. I use it to become clear-headed, shed lbs, maintain glowing skin, get rid of bloating, and so much more.

Inside You'll Find

30 HD yoga videos filmed in the Maldives

You’ll have the opportunity to learn new sequences you wouldn’t find online for free, with powerful effects on your body, mind, and soul. All these sequences follow our Flow State Yoga fusion to keep things fun, interesting, and holistic.

3 Stage Detox & Smoothie Cleanse Ebook w/ Recipes

Whether we’re aware of it or not, things are happening in our body that can affect our state of mind and wellbeing. And most of it happens in our gut. Our gut is our second brain, and the healthier it is, the healthier and lighter we feel. This 3 stage detox will not only provide any nutrients we might be deficient in, but also clean and detox our gut. This cleanse is necessary if we want to reach deeper levels of healing.

22 Meditations & related videos in the Abundance,
Flow & Miracles Course to transform your life

To manifest our desires and the life we want, the seed must be planted and watered in our minds and soul first.

This is why I find it extremely important to include meditations that align your mind and soul with the lifestyle you desire.

These meditations are powerful, and practiced daily, start naturally guiding your actions and thoughts towards your goals – so instead of feeling resistance, you feel as if everything lines up perfectly.

Our global tribe

With Flow State Yoga you are not just enrolling in a yoga teacher training, you are joining a global tribe of change makers committed to raising the vibration of humanity together.

Reaching & impacting over 100 million souls globally online.

About Dashama

Aloha Love, I'm so grateful to meet you. My journey as a yoga teacher started as a journey to find my own healing from the traumas of growing up in foster homes, near death car accidents & substance abuse issues that almost ended my life several times…. my life was a mess and I was seeking healing, the yogic path brought me that and so much more… It all came crashing down when i fell into a year long depression from work related burnout which ended my relationship & kick started my spiritual awakening, forcing me to ask important questions like ‘what is the purpose of my life? what would make me truly happy( I knew money & material possessions wasn’t the answer) and how can i create a life I’m excited to wake up in the morning each day? I experienced such deep healing, I wanted to share this powerful energy medicine with the whole world if I could. 

I started teaching in 2005 and within a soon after, I had created a yoga movement launching the first yoga challenge online in the world on YouTube which impacted millions of lives. So many people were contacting me to help heal their lives, that I decided to create a school to train others to do what I do. This way, we could have a tribe & community of healers, teachers and light workers spreading this message and mission to heal the world, and lead people back to health, happiness, and deeper connection with their souls. 

This led to the creation of Flow State Yoga Institute. So far we have certified hundreds of teachers, training over 690,000 students with my courses and through this unique and powerful system of healing that combines various styles of yoga including vinyasa flow, power yoga, ashtanga, kundalini, yin and thai yoga, as well as indigenous shamanic healing practices, tantra, mantras, breath work, many forms of meditation, ecstatic dance, plant based nutrition, detox cleansing, inner child healing, bio hacking and much more.

We have worked with some of the top educational institutions such as Harvard, Stanford & Warwick University. We are also working with the Oneness Temple and founders of the World Peace Festival, Art of Living and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sadhguru – Isha Foundation, and many other respected organizations with a shared mission to elevate the consciousness on earth. 

Flow State Yoga has certified hundreds of teachers and reached millions of students in over 50 countries from all walks of life, each connected by a common sole purpose to live and spread Oneness, Love and Flow. 

We are forming a conscious media network to further spread this powerful message to over 20 million fans on FB via our partners at Unify, Collective Evolution, CureJoy, Uplift Connect, and others joining our tribe. My vision is to expand our network to over 100 million fans worldwide to uplift, heal, and inspire millions of people to transform their lives with the power of yoga, meditation and conscious living.

As you join our tribe, you are uniting with a global movement with the intention to raise the consciousness and vibration of humanity and heal our planet. The world needs your light now more than ever.


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