Learn To Build a successful brand and business as a purpose driven entrepreneur.

Building a business is about aligning with your purpose, sharing your unique gifts & designing the life of your dreams. I will help you get clear about how you want to serve others, how much free time you desire, what you want to do with your time — maybe travel, enrich yourself, let your creativity shine through. You are limitless, Anything is possible!

Discover my secrets about what it takes to create a winning, successful business. It does take work, but it’s not hard. If you’re ready, let’s go!




You will discover how to build your business and your brand by applying 22 proven strategies in over 60 hours of video based workshops that I have learned over 15 years of traveling the world studying with masters & teaching people how to create lifestyle by design. I love to see people step into their full power, purpose and potential to live the life of their dreams. Today, my international brand reaches millions of people and my clients have generated millions of dollars from the strategies & wisdom that I share.

My mission is to help you to reach even greater success than your wildest dreams.

Financial freedom and success is truly yours if you want it and if you work for it.

"Dashama is an exquisite example of beauty, love, integrity, professionalism, health, inquisitiveness and yearning for learning that all of the future yoginis can strive for."
Mark Becker
CEO New York Yoga Magazine & New Life Expos


Mindset Training for Success – Your mindset has everything to do with how you think about success & your view of the world. We’ll explore the relationship between your beliefs, how you think and how that influences action, as each situation you will encounter requires a solution-making mindset. We’ll start off with this all-important mindset coaching.

The Art of Branding – You want your business to be recognized, admired, and valued. How you represent your values and your brand promise has to be imparted by your logo, color scheme, tagline, themes you choose, and the concepts you want to embrace. We’ll spend time going over all the elements of a brand so you can get started developing yours right away.

Your All-Important USP –Your Unique Selling Proposition. Every person and every company is unique either in what it sells, how it is sold, who sells it and with what type of personality. All these elements combined create your Unique Selling Proposition and you’ll learn how to create yours and apply it to brand and business building.

Marketing – how to identify and attract your target audience AND make marketing easy, engaging, and comfortable for you to do. Marketing can be fun and you will learn how to do it in a way you absolutely enjoy.

“After teaching for over 5 years, I came to Dashama’s advanced yoga teacher training retreat to expand my personal and professional capacity as a teacher and on my path of yoga. I wanted to take my yoga teaching to the next level. After I graduated I felt completely emancipated from the old limitations I had been living and teaching with. I soon started with the MBA mentorship. I knew I was meant to do something more than just teach local classes and I was ready. With Dashama’s coaching and encouragement & a huge leap of faith, I decided to lead my first yoga retreat in Mexico and very quickly got 14 people registered for my retreat and it sold out. After that first successful one, I decided to lead my next one in Bali. That one sold out in one week. I was also featured in a yoga apparel brand advertisement campaign with full page ads in Yoga Journal magazines and Dashama also did my astrology chart which showed me my strengths to focus on which really helped me. My dreams of success are all manifesting – and I’m just getting started!”

Jasmine Margreno, Co-founder at The Om Factory

Social Media – get a mini-course on each major social media platform where you connect directly with your target audience. You will learn my secrets for results on each platform as we dedicate to each platform, one at a time.

YouTube –this platform is so big that it deserves its own module. I will walk you through how to use YouTube, how to maximize your presence on this second largest online platform, and why it’s so important.

Facebook –all business can be done on Facebook, and you can have a personal and fan page. Facebook is an audience builder. Post things relevant to your audience –ideas, images, your events, and stories that get you excited. Inside MBA, I will show you what pages to have, what to post, and what aspects to consider.

Instagram –Best practices and tools to use in Instagram will be featured in the course. Instagram is all about images and short videos aimed to convert your target audience and we’ll go over strategies and examples that will help you be successful here.

Pinterest –although sometimes overlooked, Pinterest is great because you can drive traffic to your website via links and it’s another way to connect with magazines and media-based brands.

Twitter –Not only can you post but friends and affiliates can share, and if you’re doing an event, Tweeting gains you visibility much like PR does, but in a unique and powerful way.. You’ll learn about many different options for Twitter.

“Dashama's MBA is a clear patht to success. Since working with Dashama, my business has gone from strength to strength. The MBA gives you a clear vision and purpose to create and manifest your business. Focusing on the direction you want your business to take. But it doesn't stop there, which is where I think this is different from a normal business course.
Dashama's teachings lead you through a truly transformational journey. Removing the limits and blocks that may prevent your success, and then installs a real state of confidence and belief that you really can put your hard work to creating your dream and make it a reality.
Since working with Dashama and her constant support I have ran a successful yoga studio, been featured on the cover of many magazines and now work with some of the elite athletes in the world. And to top it all it has enabled me to travel all over the world with my work. | will be forever grateful to Dashama. A truly remarkable woman."
Dave Smyth
Pranashama Yoga Teacher; UK

Content Creation – content can be anything you write, any images, film or videos, interviews, podcasts, recordings you have or been given. When we work together in the MBA program, I’ll give you lots of examples of how I used and repurposed content. It helped my brand, saved me money, and became an important asset for business development..

Product Creation and Launch – What can you create? DVD’s, books, webinars, eBooks, white papers, video-based courses — items that provide value and set you up as an expert. I even had paddle boards made to use in my SUP Yoga programs. Once you have them, it’s amazing how many ways they can be repackaged and repurposed.

iMovie Editing – You will get a feel for editing your own video content in iMovie (for Mac users; similar software works much like iMovie) which can save you so much time. This is an important skill to develop early on and it helped bring me the most success. It also fuels feelings of empowerment.

Product Distribution – When you have what it takes, your DVD’s, videos, and content could be distributed through existing networks big and small, like Udemy.com (where courses are sold) and Target and Walmart. You’ll learn through case studies what takes off and why.

Hiring and Outsourcing –We’ll do in in-depth review about how to hire the right people and what signs to watch for so you don’t hire the wrong people. I’ve wasted over $100k hiring scammers and people who didn’t deliver and since this happened to me, it won’t happen to you.

Leading Retreats – This module alone is worth the price of tuition, as this is what you may find most rewarding and exciting and the most revenue-generating. With over 15 years of experience, I will walk you through how to grow your retreat business, select sites, and food, and engage with your students in real time. You can create your ability to travel and work in some of the most beautiful places on the planet..

Success Habits – Being successful takes discipline, intention, focus, and passion. We’ll spend a lot of time going over my seven secrets to success. The first one is knowing your “Why” — why you will put the time, energy, effort, resources, heart, and soul into creating the brand and business of your dreams. Beyond that, there is knowledge, prosperity consciousness, fearlessness, and being able to work smarter on the right things. I will take you down this pathway so you don’t waste time, money, effort, and precious energy.

Success Story:
Bokhara was an elementary school teacher who knew she needed to be doing heart-centered work directly with people. She trained as an aesthetician, a massage therapist, in Thai massage and developed her own website to launch herself. After meeting Dashama she was excited but tentative and hesitant at first, not sure she fit into the business person or entrepreneur role. Quickly, however, Bokhara started to catch on and get creative. She was able to attract a steady client base and received rave reviews on Yelp. She was even featured on the local ABC news and Daily Candy for her incredible spa, Embody Zen, in San Francisco. Bokhara had completely replaced her previous income with her full-time business, being self sufficient from the start.

Later, she branched out with an art company, creating custom Moss Art and is currently writing her first book. She continues to expand, and her creativity and loving energy attracts a loyal following which led to her being nominated for the “Esthetician of the Year” award.
Bokhara Lashi
Founder Embody Zen
If you’ve been longing to do more, be more, grow more and activate the potential you know you have, then this is absolutely for you. I love to see people step into their full power, purpose and potential to live the life of their dreams.

Over the years, many of my clients and students have asked me to share the secrets about how I built my international brand. So, after a lot of coaxing, I’m excited to share with you all my secrets so you can do the same for yourself!

I know that once you implement these 22 strategies into your business and life, you will be able to:
Your life will be forever changed in the most profound and beautiful ways.


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• Don’t like to learn online or at home… (this is an online business training primarily through videos, audios, articles and ebooks) although there is an option for private coaching, the basis of the learning is on videos.

"Dashama's teaching skills are like nothing else, and her support and knowledge helped my business to blossom to way beyond what l once thought was possible. Since taking “the MBA It has opened doors to magazine shoots, interviews, and Collaborations but best of all is that I get to do what I love by traveling and teaching around the world. It's way more than a yoga business training, this was a life-training which brought with it endless possibility and opportunity, and gave me the confidence to turn my passion into my purpose.

Thank you so much Dashama, | am so grateful to have learned from you."
Alisha Smith
MBA Success Acclerator Graduate, Class of 2017

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  • + Lifetime Access to MBA ($5500 value)
  • + Bonuses: 30DYC, 22 Days to Abundance, SLAY + YTT100 Online ($1497 value)
  • + 7 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • + Option to Add Success Accelerator Coaching Available at Checkout
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