22 Days to Abundance,
Flow & Miracles

Are you ready for the next level? Embark upon this journey to clear any blocks to experience abundance, flow and miracles.


Abundance, Flow & Miracles

In this online video based training course, you will learn how to clear blocks from subconscious mind, reprogram your beliefs for success and abundance to create a life of success, prosperity and fulfillment at the service to humanity.
In this powerful proven program, you will be guided with Dashama’s daily video training sessions to discover and clear your abundance blocks, release poverty mindset and reprogram your prosperity consciousness, rewrite your abundance and success story and increase your personal abundance magnetism to access a continuous experience of joy, miracles and living in the flow state.

Students will experience an increase in emotional well being, enhanced mental clarity, feel a higher vibration of energy in their body, openness in their heart, self love and feelings of worthiness and clearing of old belief systems to shift the energy to invite and allow a new steady flow of abundance, joy and miracles.

Course Curriculum

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